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Most forum posts

The alltime highest amount of forum posts

2080 posts
Runner-up: Mo 2052 posts
Most forum topics

The alltime highest amount of forum topics started

170 topics
Runner-up: Jesse Gorter 157 topics


Most reviews

The alltime highest amount of reviews written

174 reviews
Runner-up: Jesse Gorter 110 reviews
Best reviews

The alltime best rated reviews

Dr.EM, ElectroPioneer
4.01 out of 5
Runner-up: Laurie 3.95 out of 5


Best rated

The alltime best rated artist

8.08 out of 10
Runner-up: FĂ©vrier 7.82 out of 10
Most downloaded

The alltime most downloaded (or played) artist

7533 downloads/plays
Runner-up: Aquila 7480 downloads/plays
Hottest tracks

The artist with the alltime hottest tracks (karma score)

Jesse Gorter
325 points
Runner-up: Aquila 243 points
Most tracks

The artist with most tracks available

47 tracks
Runner-up: Aquila 45 tracks
Most podcasts

The artist with most podcasts released

7 podcasts
Runner-up: Thermonuclearity 6 podcasts


Best track

The best rated track

High Voltage - The Drug Kick
8.59 out of 10
Runner-up: Grinny Grandad - Black White & Ginger 8.40 out of 10
Best podcast

The best rated podcast

"Double Digested Biscuit Mix" by Grinny Grandad, "HV's 2010 Pirate Mix :)" by High Voltage
9.01 out of 10
Runner-up: "Dirtroom Mix" by Lothario 8.84 out of 10
Most downloaded

The most downloaded track

rebel rock - rebel beats demo
Runner-up: Villain vs. Aquila - Love 2976 downloads
Hottest track

The track with the biggest karma score

Lothario - Trior
21 points
Runner-up: High Voltage - Gravity 18 points


Most entrants

The competition with most participants

Summer Vibes
36 entrants
Runner-up: Spring Beats 27 entrants
Most entries

The competition with most entered tracks

Spring Beats
42 entries
Runner-up: Summer Vibes 38 entries
Most wins

The artist who have won most competitions

Highvoltage, Mo
4 wins
Runner-up: Aquila, Tha remedy 2 wins
Biggest win

The artist who have won with the biggest margin

44.8 % higher score
Runner-up: Mo 41.7 % higher score
Most second places

The artist who have come second most times

lothario, Highvoltage
3 times
Runner-up: Studio Star, Omega Kid 2 times
Most category wins

The artist who have won most categories

Highvoltage, lothario
18 wins
Runner-up: Aquila, Mo 11 wins


Highest karma

The artist with the highest karma score

2735 points
Runner-up: Aquila 1460 points
Most ratings

The user who have rated most

1347 ratings
Runner-up: Mo 777 ratings


Most trophies

The user who holds the most trophies

6 trophies
Runner-up: Laurie, Highvoltage 3 trophies
Most site trophies

The user who holds the most site specific trophies

Laurie, lothario
2 trophies
Runner-up: No data found 0 trophies
Most competition trophies

The user who holds the most competition specific trophies

5 trophies
Runner-up: Highvoltage 2 trophies
Longest held

The user who have held a trophy the longest

11 times in a row
Runner-up: NEOREV 10 times in a row
Most trophies alltime

The user who have won most trophies

67 trophies
Runner-up: Aquila 34 trophies


Total reviews

Total amount of reviews published

1039 reviews
Total ratings

Total amount of ratings on the site

5185 ratings
Average track rating

Average rating of tracks

7.04 out of 10
Average review rating

Average rating of reviews

3.32 out of 5
Average podcast rating

Average rating of podcasts

8.31 out of 10
Total tracks

Total amount of tracks published

646 tracks
Total podcasts

Total amount of podcasts released

26 podcasts
Total downloads

Total amount of track downloads and plays

Total posts

Total amount of posts in the forum

19560 posts
Total topics

Total amount of topics in the forum

1862 topics