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Karma Points

Postby lothario » Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:17 am

If you are curious, here are the karma points you receive for various actions on music-playground:

Active Karma Points

Rating a track: 1 point
Rating a review: 2 points
Rating a podcast: 2 points
Upload a track: 3 points
Publish a review: 10 points
Host a podcast: 15 points
Posting on forum: ½ point per post (calculated monthly)

(The user with The Hitmaker trophy have a stronger impact on track ratings)

Competition specific
Add a competition entry: 5 points
Vote in a competition: 3 points
Win a competition: 20 points + 1 point per entry
2nd Place in a competition: 10 points + 1 point per entry
3rd Place in a competition: 5 points + 1 point per entry
Win a category in a competition: 5 points + 1 point per entry

Select a genre for your track, other than Electronic: 2 points
Suggest an alternate genre to Electronic, for any track but your own: 2 points

Passive Karma Points

Being rated (podcast/review/track) : 1 point
Being reviewed: 1 point

(The user with The Contributor trophy give twice the amount when rating/reviewing)
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