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External Playlists

Postby lothario » Fri May 13, 2011 12:54 pm

External Playlists
I've added a functionality to the playlist, so you can now listen to music playground tracks on some external software.

If you have the option to open a Network Stream in your music software, paste this into the address bar:

Code: Select all

And the newest 30 tracks will load.

Supported Software
Currently tested, and working in:

  • VLC Player

If you want to customize your own playlists, here's how you do:

1) The base URL is
Code: Select all

2) You can add options by using the ampersand character (&) before each option

3) The options are:

This option tells the playlist how many tracks to return. Default is 30 tracks, 0 for no limit.

This option tells the playlist how new the tracks must be.
Acceptable keywords are:
  • alltime: Tracks from all time.
  • lastmonth: Tracks from last month
  • last6months: Tracks from last 6 months
  • lastyear: Tracks from last year

Default is last 3 months.

This option selects a specific artist. You can find the artists user_id in the memberlist

This option selects a specific genre. You need to write the genre name exactly as spelled here. If there are spaces in the genre name, replace that with %20.
Code: Select all

This option returns the tracks ordered by the keyword specified.
Acceptable keywords are:
  • downloads: Number of track streams/downloads
  • artist: Artist name.
  • rating: Average track rating
  • title: Track title.
  • karma: Track karma.

Default is ordering by date.

This option returns certain types of tracks. Some types may override other options.
Acceptable keywords are:
  • recentcmp: Tracks from the latest competition.
  • cmp: Only competition tracks.
  • upl: Only non-competition tracks
  • podcast: Only podcasts

4) Build your URL with the options. See the following examples for help:

Sample Playlists
Here are some customization examples, you can copy/paste into your software.

All tracks from all time
Code: Select all

50 Best rated tracks
Code: Select all

20 most downloaded electronic rock
Code: Select all
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Re: External Playlists

Postby Mo » Fri May 13, 2011 2:00 pm

Working great on Wunder Radio fort iPhone/iPod Touch etc, I can finally listen to the tracks here on my iPhone!!!

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