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Future changes

Postby lothario » Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:55 pm

For the next competition, I will present some changes to the competition system. Hopefully they will be for the better, but I would still like your comments on them, before I implement them.

Vote Penalty
The biggest change is probably the introduction of a deeper commitment to the voting process. Upon joining, entrants are required to select one of two options:

* Yes, I intend to vote
* No, I do not intend to vote

If you select the first option, you basically commit to voting in the competition. If you vote, you get 2 points in the overall score (plus karma points), just like it is now. However, if you select this option and don't vote, you will receive a point penalty in the overall score. Right now I've set it to -10 points, but that might be a bit to severe. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what would be alright.

If you select the second option, you are giving up your voting privilege in the overall score, and thus don't receive extra points or karma, but don't have to worry about any deadlines. You can still vote in categories if you wish (which also triggers overall score points).

Your voting privilege is not wasted though, but is free to claim by members who are considered active on the site (currently 100+ karma points). On the voting page, there will be a list of entrants, who have opted out of voting, and active members can claim their voting privilege.
This works by first come, first serve, so if you are not participating in the competition, and want to influence the final result, you need to be quick once the voting round starts.

This mechanic is an attempt to increase the voting percentage in competitions, which can be quite low.

Ever since the category voting was simplified, the results have in my opinion been pretty dull. Usually the top 5 consists of several artists having between 2 and 4 points (where most was the 2 voting bonus points).

I've been thinking of a way to make the results better, while keeping the simplified voting.

Firstly I have limited the 2 extra points for voting to only count in the overall result. This way, you won't get a third place in Production, just by voting.

Secondly I will introduce a voting system, where you select multiple entries that stand out in a category, but not having to arrange them (unlike the overall vote).
This works by having a scrollable list of all the entries, and you then click the ones that you think deserves recognition in each category. You will be able to pick out 1-5 artists and each artist gets a point in that category. This will really improve the chances of artists getting multiple points, and hopefully provide a more accurate result in categories.

Award Ceremony
I've long thought, that the way results are currently released is very abrupt and unceremonious. You just get a link, an announcement and the winner. But now I've finally made an interactive award ceremony.
Using this new feature, you can control the pace of the results by exploring the categories first one by one (top 5), start with the overall result (top 10) or just jump straight to the overall result, like it is now.
During the award ceremony you can listen to all the top tracks of the competition as they are presented, while reading stats and facts about the artists competition history.

I will try to get this working before the end of the current competition, but won't promise anything.

Here's a screenshot of how it currently looks:


If you have any questions, ideas or comments for these new tweaks, let me know in your replies.
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