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Get Your Release Hosted on Music Playground

Postby lothario » Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:55 pm

Music Playground supports all artists from bedroom producers to studio evangelists, from norwegian deathcore to christian harpsichord.
To show this support, you can have your release hosted on our servers for free distribution.

Music Playground have the following requirements for accepting a release to its library:

The artist must be a regular user on the forum.
'Regular user' is a subjective judgment, but having at least 100 posts on the forum is a good measure of regularity.

The release must be standard format
'Standard format' is here defined as a reasonable amount of tracks and album duration.
A good rule of thumb is to use the format of a CD for comparison (about 78 minutes duration and 5-40 tracks)

Each track compression must be MP3
A bitrate of minimum 192 kbps Constant Bitrate (CBR)

All tracks and artwork must be included in a ZIP file

If any of these requirements are not met, the release will either be rejected or edited to fit the requirements. Music Playground is not responsible for any loss of quality if any editing is necessary.
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